Prisma’s team

Prisma was born two years ago, when five millennials realized that we can achieve goals following different paths; paths that are more engaging and encourage employees to give 100 % of themselves at work.

If employees are the best asset of every company, let’s develop tools that they adore! Do we need to add game elements? Let’s add them! Do we need to add flashy colourful images? Let’s design them! Do we have to create the unthinkable? Let’s do it! Because if employees fall in love with the process you need to achieve your goals, the results will eventually come on their own.


But who are the brilliant minds behind Prisma? A team of devs, designers, project managers and creatives, but also reality show freaks, wannabe influencers, Ferrari fans – without Ferrari so far – gamers and cat lovers. With such a mix of personalities and a human professional approach, we can create the software you have been dreaming of for so long.

We love meeting new people, so you can drop us an email at or follow our social media: Twitter and Facebook. Besides, we highly recommend you to take a look at our blog, where we post top notch content about team development and innovation at work. And look at our projects!

You can also reach our founders in their social media: Edgar, María, Jaime, Sergio and David.

Jaime Grau
CMO & Game designer
María Tatay
CEO & Business development
Edgar Gámez
CTO & Developer
Sergio Linares
Dionaea muscipula
CPO (Chief Plant Officer)